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June 15, 2010

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Career Marketplace Search
A Ministry of
Lake Avenue Church

393 North Lake Avenue
Hutchins Hall - 4th Floor

Christian Ministry Training Association Convention

Convention Center
April 23-24, 2010

Arlene Presents:

"The Parent as Coach"

Friday, April 23
9:30 am - 10:30 am
Convention Center
Room 211

"How to Start an Intergenerational Women's Ministry"

Friday, April 23
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Convention Center
Room 212

What Clients Are Saying



I’m a Baby Boomer and I have had 3 careers so far. I loved each one! I was ready for a change again – a 4th career – but I was having trouble making the transition. I needed someone to help me structure my plan for my new business and get it started. Coaching with Arlene worked!

~ Kay North, Small Business Owner

I STARTED MY OWN BAND (A dream I’ve always had!)

I’ve always wanted to start my own Celtic-style Christian band. I began to expand my dreams when I decided I would love to bring together my own group of talented musicians to form a band that would explore all kinds of musical styles and genres. So, after inquiring from Dr. John Townsend where I could find a qualified, Christian Life Coach, he referred me to Dr. Arlene Wood, of Pasadena, California.Arlene was instrumental in helping me to visualize and write down my dreams and goals.

~ Jeannie Allen, Musician

I’M GETTING A MASTERS DEGREE  (I’m discovering my full potential!)

After 30 years of marriage, I found myself single again. Even though I had been vice president of the real estate development company my husband and I had built together, I didn’t think I could do development on my own. My self esteem was in the basement.  Arlene helped me to believe in my career strengths. We looked back at times in my life where I was successful. I started believing the compliments I was regularly getting from respected business professionals. I’m now getting my Masters Degree in Public Administration with a focus on Sustainable Development.   I’m currently coordinating a development project. Thanks, Arlene.

~ Deb Hope, Developer

I MADE A CAREER CHANGE (A major transition to working 24/7 with my husband!)

We were a married couple going through a major career change which means working together 24/7. Arlene drew each of our dreams and road blocks out from inside us in individual coaching sessions. Then, we shared these with each other in our couple’s coaching sessions. We were sharing things with each other that we had shared before, but we were sharing at a deeper, heart level, and we finally heard each other’s hearts, dreams and frustrations. Now we are partners in the true sense of the word. It still takes work, but Arlene gave us the tools.

~ Christiana and Derek Rice, Nieu Communities 

I’M TAKING THE NEXT STEP  (I’m moving to the next level in my personal growth)

After attending the (Cloud-Townsend) Ultimate Leadership Retreat, I wanted to keep my personal growth moving forward. When I asked Dr. John Townsend for a referral, one of the names he gave me was Arlene. I think the thing that’s helped me the most is how Arlene helps me see my wins each week and build on my strengths.

~ Ellen Ortiz, LMT, NCTMB
Owner, Sacred Serenity Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork